2 Hot-Selling High-Ticket Program Recipes

The Ideal Client Manifester

Monday  April 4, 2022

Want to attract more high-paying clients you love? AND have a leveraged way to support them so you work less, while earning more?

Well the BEST way to do that is by offering your own premium group program (that’s priced over $1,000).

High-ticket programs are far more profitable than low ticket programs. They allow you to grow a more sustainable business without burning out - all while you make a bigger impact by helping more people.

With low-ticket offers (which are very common in the $100-200 price range) you have to constantly hustle to fill your course with hundreds of people. You need to build a big email list (with tens of thousands of subscribers) to make this possible.

The biggest challenge I see with low-ticket courses is that clients aren’t highly invested and don’t value the education nearly as much. Many enroll and never show up or take action!

That leads to lower success and testimonials. And let’s get real, we’re in this business to help people right? We want our clients to get great results! And that comes down to their commitment.

I believe that investing highly in your growth is the strongest expression of your commitment. 

Through mentoring over 2,000 entrepreneurs, I’ve seen that the more people invest, the more committed they are. And the more committed they are, the more value and results they get from my program.
This doesn’t mean that only people with more money can be committed. Actually many people who don’t have a lot of money WILL manifest the resources to invest in themselves at high levels. They will move mountains to make their vision real. I’ve seen this happen over and over again. When you uplevel your pricing, it serves you AND your clients.
I want to share a little story about one of my former clients, Kathleen Graham, who was starting a new online business when she began my program. She launched her $5,000 premium group program to help single women find love.
In just a month, she enrolled 10 high paying clients, and made $50,000!
Imagine launching like this a couple of times a year and there you go - you’re not far from adding 6-figures to your business.

Kathleen kept growing her business with even higher-ticket offers and was earning over $600,000 dollars a year working just part-time!

Many of my clients have grown profitable 6-figure and 7-figure businesses. Their programs are helping more people and together we’re making a ripple effect of positive change all over the world.

That’s totally possible for you too. Let’s talk about how to get you started on the right track.

I want to help you clarify an enticing structure for your program, which includes pricing and timing.

The best price points to start with are $1997 or $5,000. You can certainly go as high as $20,000, even $50,000!

Let’s look at good structure for a $1997 premium group program. I like to recommend you start with 90 days because that’s a good amount of time for clients to make progress while you learn what works best for them.

It’s a relatively short time frame so it’s easier to sell, but it still gives you a good three months to offer a payment plan. You could charge 3 monthly payments of $797.

Over the course of 90 days you could offer 5 or 6 live training sessions and 5 or 6 live group coaching or Q&A sessions. You can then turn the recordings into on-demand content for your online course modules.

I like creating course content like this because it’s delivered in a live session while I’m connecting with my clients. I can get immediate feedback from them about how they like it, what their questions are, or if there are any parts I need to clarify.

I also find this is the easiest way to get myself to make a course. I just plan on teaching a session every few weeks then preserve the recording.

You can totally do this!

Here’s another possible framework for a 6-month premium program that’s $5,000. Or you could charge 6 monthly payments of $1,000.

Let’s say it includes 6-10 training sessions, 12 group coaching or Q&A sessions. Your clients might also get 1 or 2 private sessions with you (or a coach on your team) as a special bonus.

Whichever program format you choose, I highly recommend you include a group forum for participants to support each other.

We use Facebook Groups and it's easy to get our clients on it because most of them are already on facebook. We also use our Irresistible Marketing Club Facebook Group to provide accountability and Q&A support with our coaches.

So what format will you choose for your first premium program?

Chances are, there are people in your network, possible current and former clients, who are waiting for you to offer them something new.

NOW could be the perfect time to create it and share it.

Want more support on the proven steps to do this most effectively?

I look forward to seeing you there!