3 Keys to Skyrocket Your Leveraged Business This Year

The Ideal Client Manifester

Wednesday June 7, 2023

Imagine where you want your business to be in a year…


Maybe you see a thriving group program full of right-fit clients. You’re consistently earning 5 to 6 figures every month while working part-time. Your marketing systems and scalable courses are making a big impact and working FOR you.


You feel fulfilled and happy living in alignment with your purpose. You have plenty of money to create a high-quality lifestyle for yourself and your family.


You’re finally on track to creating financial freedom for your future, all while enjoying your time freedom in the present. This is how growing a leveraged business can change your life.


And it can be your reality. Not just a dream.


That is, once you DECIDE.


There’s so much power in your decision. You need to push that stake into the ground and claim your vision. Make it yours. Decide with fierce, unwavering commitment to make it happen.


I was coaching a client today who has grown so much in creating high-ticket offers and sales. She’s solid in her expertise and very experienced in her coaching business. While she has celebrated 5-figure months and certainly has the tools to keep them up, something has been holding her back.


She hasn’t reached a 6-figure income year yet. But that’s going to change very soon because this year, she decided she’s going to reach that milestone. Her business income is already trending in the right direction.


And I believe she’s going to do it because she said it will be so. I see a strength in her leadership that was hiding in self-doubt before.


Now that she’s made this internal shift, we’re strategizing her marketing plans to skyrocket her growth. It’s so fun to do this work with fully committed clients like her because she’s willing to take leaps.


I can see why she has struggled in the past, and I’m helping her see past her blind spots while clarifying her most needle-moving steps towards bigger results.


This is what propels clients to success: being all in, showing up like a leader, implementing with courage, being coachable and investing in the experienced mentors to guide you.


And it all starts with the decision to make your vision real!


If you’re serious about up-leveling your business this year, here are 2 more powerful keys to propel yourself forward:

1. Set your dates! If you’ve been dreaming about launching a new course, program or event, then make a solid plan and put those launch dates on your calendar. This is putting your stake in the ground and committing to making it happen. When obstacles pop up, stay focused on your goal and take the steps you need to keep moving forward, no matter what. I almost always have inner doubts come up about launches, trying to make me afraid I won’t attract enough people. Trying to get me to delay my dates or cancel altogether. I’m experienced enough to know these thoughts are coming from my fear-based ego who wants to keep me small inside my comfort zone. I choose to make decisions out of love, not fear. I’m more committed to making my vision real even when it requires courage. I remind myself of this by appreciating my incredible clients in my Irresistible Marketing Club, all of whom came to me because I set my launch dates and followed through. 

2. Remember WHY you want to grow your business. Get specific about your vision for money, time, impact and quality of life. Why are those things important to you? When you’ve arrived at the next level, how do you want to feel? Close your eyes and picture your desired outcome. ‘ If you can dream it, you can have it. It will take work to get there, but with the right support systems, you can take the faster, easier path instead of winding around the long hard way. The universe will test your commitment and throw obstacles in your path. Move through them and learn from them. And while nothing is ever perfect, when you’re aligned with your purpose and showing up in service, there will be flow. When you step forward with faith, the ground will be there, solid under your feet, supporting you. Are you ready to create more profits, impact and freedom with your business? I specialize in helping highly committed, purpose-driven entrepreneurs grow lucrative, leveraged businesses by creating and filling online programs that change lives. See if you’re a fit to work with me by applying for your Irresistible Marketing Strategy Session here.