3 Obstacles to Launching – and How to Beat Them!

The Ideal Client Manifester

Tuesday  March 15, 2022

I’m preparing a new launch right now and the excitement is building…


We’ll be releasing a new challenge and crash course that you can participate in for FREE…details coming very soon.


They’ll flow into my High-Profit Online Events Virtual Retreat May 13-15 – I can’t wait to see you there!


Behind the scenes over here, things are intense with lots of creating and implementing. I knew once I set my launch dates, I would need to get very focused to meet my deadlines. We have promotional partners on board, we have team ready, web pages, emails and posts are in the works…this thing is coming to life!


I love seeing other people’s launches coming to life too…yet it’s heartbreaking to me how many entrepreneurs never get their programs off the ground. Or they never fill their courses with enough clients to make them very profitable.


So while I’m fresh in the experience of manifesting my launch, I want to share some tips to help YOU launch, without hesitation.


From mentoring over 2,000 entrepreneurs, here are the 3 most common obstacles I see stopping people from filling their programs…


1. Fear of Being Rejected. 

One of my clients recently reminded me that launching is vulnerable. It’s edgy to put yourself out there by sharing your knowledge and creative vision. You’re inviting people into your world and while you hope the right ones will say yes, you leave yourself wide open to rejection.


If you’re like most humans, rejection is uncomfortable for you. Not only that, you may attract public criticism for generously sharing your gifts! You may get snarky comments on your posts.


That could feel embarrassing. I remember being unpleasantly surprised when trolls on Facebook made a fuss about a tiny amount of cleavage I was showing in a low-cut dress on a short marketing video back in 2013. It was uncalled for. There was barely any cleavage to notice, and who cares if I show cleavage anyway?


Is there anything wrong with expressing my femininity in my marketing? No!


But this stuff happens. If you’re being fully expressed and taking interesting creative risks with your online content, you’re going to attract critics. And for every critic you’ll attract 1,000 fans. So be proud when you see that fuss. It means people are noticing you. It means you’re interesting.


Only boring people are safe from critics.


The entrepreneurs who achieve success are willing to get vulnerable. They know they’ll get rejected probably way more often than they’ll get accepted.


But they go forth with courage so they can reach their fans and help more people. Remember that. Make it about the people you’re here to help. Don’t give your power to the people who ignore you or criticize you. They’re not even worth your attention.

2. Copy Confusion. 

Oh, the endless copy tweaking I see stopping people from sharing their offers! Or even worse, you’re stuck staring at an empty screen, completely blocked about what to write for your web pages and emails.


You wonder how to express the value of your offers…how to find the perfect words to stand out and catch attention…how to craft copy that sounds like you AND gets a great response.


And let’s get real, there’s A LOT of copy to write when you’re launching any program or service online. You’ll need different types of landing pages that inspire people to act; you’ll need a whole series of emails that get clicks to your pages. You’ll need social media posts to build buzz. You’ll probably need to write video scripts, possibly an eBook, and a webinar.


It can feel overwhelming.


I recommend taking it one step at a time by reverse engineering. Start with the end result you want to achieve – sales for your offer. Write the page that is most closely linked to enrolling into your offer – either your sales page or application page.


Then write the emails (usually 5-10) that invite people to visit that sales page or application page.


Then write your webinar. This webinar should build hunger and desire for your offer without giving away too much.


After that, write your webinar opt-in page and 4-5 emails that drive traffic to it.


If you also provide an eBook in your launch, this is where you’ll write that. When it’s done, write the opt-in page for your eBook, followed by the 2 emails driving traffic to it.


I highly recommend you follow proven templates for your web pages and emails. And get professional feedback to optimize your copy conversion. This will get you much bigger results with far less effort!


We provide copy templates and coaching in our Irresistible Marketing Club.


3. Distractions and delays. 

It’s SO critical to set your launch dates and commit to them.


Let me reinforce that. Set your launch dates and commit to them.


If you do that, you WILL launch. Growth WILL happen.


If you fail to set your launch dates, your launch will NOT happen. Timothy Ferris said projects take as long as you give them to complete. So if you never set your launch dates, you don’t have real deadlines. Without any deadlines you have forever to complete your launch preparation.


That means it will probably take you forever!


It also fascinates me how the Universe tests my commitment as soon as I set my launch dates. In 2020, wildfires uprooted me from my home and delayed my launch preparation by one month!


But I still stuck with my dates. Even though we had to crunch, we made it happen.


This year, I literally got COVID right after I set my launch dates. It stopped me for 2 weeks and then majorly slowed me down for 2 more weeks. But the dates didn’t change and I’m still moving forward (feeling much better now).


It’s likely something will happen to distract you and tempt you to push your launch dates. That’s when you dig your heels in and figure out how to make it happen anyway.


You will have to say NO to other projects or opportunities that take your attention away from your launch.


You will need to get help and hire team. Invest in giving yourself support. Be a leader, don’t try to do everything on your own.


The strength of your focus and commitment determine the success of your launch. And by extension, the profitability of your business.


I’m rooting for you! Reach out if you need more support. Our Irresistible Marketing Club is a great resource.