3 Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales This Month

Want to increase your income by $5,000 even $50,000 this month?

This is totally possible for you – if you have the right strategy!

I know because I’ve done it myself and helped my clients do it too.Vrinda Normand

The following 3 strategies are simple and powerfully effective. They may surprise you…

Strategy #1 – Create a high-ticket program that attracts people who are very committed to their transformation

There’s a common, costly myth out there that might have you questioning this strategy. It’s the idea that if you want to leverage your expertise with online courses or information products, you need to sell them at very low prices.

Frankly, reaching more people with low-ticket courses doesn’t actually mean you’re making a bigger impact. In most cases, it’s not even the recipe for a lucrative business.

Let me explain why…

First, investing highly in your growth is the greatest sign of your commitment. Through mentoring thousands of entrepreneurs over the past decade, I’ve seen that the more people invest, the more committed they are. And the more committed they are, the more value and results they get from my programs.

When you get to serve highly invested clients in your programs, it’s so fun and fulfilling. They show up more and are eager to learn. They take action and create success faster. They value your program more, and then you can deeply support them in creating the transformation they want.

TIP: Start with a program that’s 8-12 weeks in length and set the tuition at $1,000 – $5,000. Include training meetings or on-demand modules, group Q&A or coaching calls with you, action steps and accountability assignments. You may even include some private sessions with you depending on your price point (and only IF you want to offer this).

Strategy #2 – Position the value of your high-ticket program

Simply charging more for your course won’t necessarily get you more clients. You need to powerfully express the value of your offer through your web pages, emails, videos and webinars.

This free education you provide, while promoting your program, positions you as an expert and is a very powerful way to build trust. The more people trust the value you provide, the more ready they’ll be to join your program.

Your educational marketing also needs to build hunger and desire for your offer. You strike a balance between giving value for free while making it clear that people need to invest in your program to get the complete solution and the ultimate outcome they’re craving.

When you do this right, your ideal clients start leaning in. They get curious to learn more about working with you, and they get even more committed to transforming. Then you enroll more highly invested clients with ease!

TIP: The free educational resources you should provide in your marketing should include a webinar, 1-3 training videos that are 10-15 minutes in length, and 1-3 downloadable gifts (like special reports, checklists, blueprints, templates).

Strategy #3 – Inspire people to invest highly in themselves

The free education you provide when marketing your program invites potential clients to take the next step. For a higher ticket offer (typically $1,000 and above), I recommend this next step be applying for a consultation with you. In this session, qualified potential clients talk with you and get a recommendation for what they need most. If they’re the right fit, you invite them to join your program.

Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s another dangerous myth that stops entrepreneurs from making high ticket sales – even when they’ve attracted high quality leads. It’s the myth that says most people can’t afford your program, or won’t invest in your program because they’re too busy.

When you hear people making excuses about why they “can’t” say yes, do you believe them? It’s your role as a leader to compassionately and courageously see people for their highest potential. Don’t buy into their limiting beliefs. People are not defined or trapped by their circumstances. When they’re committed, they can choose to change their life no matter what it takes.

I tell my clients, “You are a powerful human being and you can find the resources to invest in yourself when you truly want to.”

I’ve seen people come up with $20,000 for their education because they’re so ready to make their vision real. Instead of saying I can’t afford it, they asked, how can I afford this? They acted on their deepest inner wisdom (not their fears) and that’s what ignited their success.

When you’re committed, the universe always shows up to support you. It may feel like you’re stepping off a cliff into the unknown, but I know from personal experience that the ground is always there to meet you when you step forward with faith. So I encourage you to go for it!

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