Be an Irresistible Money Magnet!

The Ideal Client Manifester

Wednesday  November 29, 2023

Here at Irresistible Marketing, having enticing copy, effective strategies, and visibility are key for growing your lucrative online business.


But your “outer game” is only fifty percent of your power. Your “inner game” counts for the other half, and this is something most entrepreneurs don’t pay enough attention to.


It doesn’t matter how much business information you consume or how many things you do, none of it will get you anywhere without the right presence.


You see, HOW you share your message is vitally important, just as much as the content of your message. I’m talking about your attitude, emotional and mental state.


You convey SO MUCH to your ideal clients simply through your energy, tone and body language. You may not even realize it!

To be truly IRRESISTIBLE, you need to embrace your Money Magnetism.

Money Magnetism is a state of being that feels relaxed and open to the flow of abundance. You are confident about your intrinsic value, and that can’t be diminished by any external factors.


Money Magnetism means you are deeply aligned with your offers. You trust the right clients will come to you.


You show up with the power of your authentic, highest self. The version of you that is bright and happy when everything is going just like you dreamed…

…you can BE that version of you no matter what is going on.


That’s the magic of Money Magnetism – it’s always available to you and part of your true essence. You can tap into it even when you’re struggling financially or you’re frustrated with some part of your business.


“But how?!” you’re probably wondering. It’s easy to be bright and happy when things go well. 

What happens when you feel stressed out or burned out?

Let me tell you a story about a time when I was struggling and had to pull myself up.

Last year I did a launch that had much lower sales results than I am accustomed to. A big part of the campaign was about making your offers so irresistible, they sell like hot cakes. Well, ironically, my offer wasn’t irresistible to that many people.


I felt disappointed AND embarrassed. To be a marketing expert in the spotlight is challenging because I’m held to a high standard. Still, I’m human and perfectly imperfect.


Yes, sometimes elite marketers at my level have campaigns that fizzle. In fact, I have to try new things and make mistakes in order to learn and grow. 


Luckily that means I’m constantly evolving.


Still, it hurt my ego. I felt stressed about the financial impact of that underperforming launch, and I felt discouraged about my leadership.


“Why did I make those decisions?” I questioned myself. Of course, hindsight is always clearer. As I processed what had happened, I could see why the launch didn’t produce optimal results.


First, I want you to realize that it’s completely normal to feel like I did when you fall short of your sales goals.


But don’t let yourself get stuck in a downward spiral.


Here are the 3 key steps I took to get myself out of the funk and into a more empowered state.


From this higher vibration I went on to manifest my most successful multi-6-figure virtual launch!

Money Magnetism Step 1:

Acknowledge Your Action

To learn and grow in marketing, you have to try new offers and strategies. You need to evolve. Some things you try won’t work as well as others. Pay attention to the feedback and course correct as needed.


Any kind of marketing is an experiment so imagine you’re a scientist. Try to be more objective about it. Keep moving forward to focus on what works best.


You don’t need to make the results mean anything bad about yourself or your value. You’re not wrong, and you’re not stupid. You’re growing.


Acknowledge yourself for taking committed action and DOING IT! That took courage and strength.


And now you’re wiser and more prepared to do better next time. Being kind to yourself makes you far more magnetic!

Money Magnetism Step 2:

Remember Your Victories

Think of a time in the past when you were struggling, particularly around money. Remember how hard it seemed. Did you wonder if things would ever improve?


Well, they did get better, didn’t they? You pulled yourself out of that dip and transformed.


Remember that, because if you did it before, you can do it again now.


You are resilient and powerful. You are even more so because you’ve lived a rich life with ups and downs that taught you valuable lessons.


You didn’t come this far to give up on yourself.


You’re here to make a bigger positive difference in the world with your gifts. You have intrinsic value that serves you and the people around you.


You can do this, even if it seems difficult. Or even hopeless.


When you shift your mindset from “I can’t” to “How can I?” you open yourself up to new, more expansive possibilities. Then ideas and opportunities can show up.


So, let yourself attract a better situation by having faith in yourself. Be curious instead of contracted.


Trust that the right inspiration and clarity will come to you.

Money Magnetism Step 3:

Be Committed but Not Attached

Ok so things didn’t go the way you hoped.


Here’s what NOT to do…

  • Beat yourself up about it and stop trying because you don’t trust yourself anymore.
  • Keep doing the same things over and over again, hoping for a better outcome.
  • Try something else but do it half-assed because you’re afraid of pouring your heart into something that might fail.
  • ​Do something different with desperation because dammit, things MUST go better this time! They have to…or else!

None of these attitudes will make you magnetic or successful. They either show a lack of commitment or too much attachment to the outcome.


Low commitment most often causes no action, which keeps you stuck.


Or it means you take weak or confused action that spins you around in circles. You end up attracting other low-commitment people who aren’t ready to invest in themselves, which leaves you with even less sales and less energy.


If you act with too much attachment, you exude a desperate energy that repels great clients. It often blinds you to effective strategies and makes you skip important steps because you’re rushing to an outcome.


This is when MOST costly mistakes are made. 

When you’re too attached, the universe will teach you a lesson about how to be less attached. And that will usually involve more disappointing results.

If you are able to process those results in a healthy way and learn to become less attached WHILE claiming your commitment at the same time, abundance will flow.

At the beginning of this year, I devoted my energy to creating a bigger impact. I took focused committed action while trusting that the right outcome would come at the right time.


After last year’s disappointment, it took all of my “inner game” strength to be committed but not attached. This is an ongoing practice we can all benefit from.


In the early spring I manifested a successful online summit that exploded my visibility. A few months later, I celebrated one of my most profitable multi-6-figure virtual launches!


Woo hoo! It felt great.


You can celebrate more lucrative growth too. Start with these 3 steps to unleash your Money Magnetism.

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