Beauty in the Spotlight

The Ideal Client Manifester

Wednesday,  July 8, 2020

Have you ever wondered, "Am I good looking enough to be visible online?”

Well you’re certainly not alone if you’ve had any doubts or concerns about your image, especially when it comes to sharing photos and videos of yourself with thousands of people you’ve never met before. 

Social media plays a huge role in our culture now, and for those of us who weren’t raised with it, well...we’re still finding our comfort levels in the spotlight. 

As a woman, I’ve had conflicting feelings about wearing makeup on social media. 

I’ve mostly defaulted to wearing it for my public image. I like the way I look in makeup. It makes me more striking and enhances my features, which is very helpful in my line of work. 

I need to stand out on video and makeup helps me avoid looking washed out under bright studio lights. 

At the same time, my public image is not always “professional.” I like to reveal myself in my natural element. The truth is that most of the time, I’m not wearing any makeup at all!

I also like the way I look without makeup, but sometimes it’s hard to deprogram the cultural pressure to appear “perfect.”

Lately this has become a bigger theme for me because my chemical sensitivities make it painful and unhealthy for me to wear 99% of store bought makeup. 

So I’ve been a bit stuck about how I want to reinvigorate my brand online. 

Should I make a dramatic change and go full “Alicia Keys” style with zero makeup?

Should I tough it out and wear the makeup I’m used to so I can maintain my consistent professional image?

Or something in the middle? 

Yeah I think this is my choice for now. I have a “No” for the first two options - one because it doesn’t feel fully in alignment with the classy elegance of my brand. Two because doing anything bad for my health is against my values. 

So I’m playing around with some natural homemade makeup and it’s kind of fun! In this photo I’m wearing a light coat of mascara made from charcoal, bentonite and vegetable glycerin. 

It’s a new look for sure. I’m having to adjust my expectations and embrace my imperfections in a public way. 

This is me, people, love it or leave it!

Finding your image confidence is a balance between achieving a look that makes you feel good, that’s in alignment with your brand, and that expresses your authenticity. 

I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs paralyzed by the need to appear perfect. 

But the reality is, your audience doesn’t want perfect. Who really trusts someone who seems perfect anyway? 

No one. Because we all know that perfection is elusive. 

People crave authenticity. 

Vulnerability is the new beautiful. 

Do you need to wear makeup in your public image? You get to decide because you create the style guide for your brand. 

If the all-natural hippie-look is right for you - rock it!

If a dramatic made-up look gives you the “pop” you’re going for, have fun with it! 

Or sometimes light, natural-looking makeup is the best balance for standing out in the spotlight while feeling authentically YOU. 

Whatever you choose, know that your tribe wants more of you, the real you, with your open heart and spirit. 

So don’t hide out! 

You WILL attract the people who resonate with you by being courageous and transparent. Just get out there and share yourself more fully with the world.