Creative Power for Profitable Growth

Thursday, Feb 14, 2019

If you want to be a leader in your field, you must hone your creative edge. The power that fuels innovation, new offers, and captivating marketing content.

Harnessing your creativity requires energy and intention. You need to make space for it to flow. I see too many entrepreneurs losing touch with this in their pursuit of revenue and hustling to get stuff done.

If you’re overworking yourself and overly relying on formulaic approaches to get ahead, you’re going to zap the juice that makes your business leadership unique and successful.

Sometimes you need to STOP doing in order to be productive in a more impactful way.


Creative power is the courage to try new things and forge new paths – the core quality of any great entrepreneur.

It’s the clarity that makes your message stand out above the noise, how you inspire clients to connect with you and trust the quality of your offerings.

Projects infused with your creative edge attract influential partners who are passionate about sharing your work with their tribes.

Your creativity is one of the MOST valuable assets in your business. You must nurture it if you want to be highly valued and recognized.

So how do you do this? First of all, you need to realize the “work” of being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t always look like work.

Sometimes it looks like taking a hot bath, walking in nature, cooking yourself a delicious meal, sleeping in, dancing, singing or even enjoying great sex.

It could be anything that rejuvenates your body, awakens your senses, and gives your mind the space to run free.

I invite you to give yourself permission to make time for recharging your Creative Batteries.

Do this at least a couple of times a week, daily if possible. And remember, this IS an important, worthwhile investment in your business growth.

This isn’t about getting distracted or procrastinating. This a very intentional practice to nurture the seeds of new ideas and messages.

Sometimes you need to give yourself extra support when life gets more stressful. I’ve been going through a divorce and despite my intentions to make it as amicable and peaceful as possible, there have been some very rough, tense times.

There are days when the emotional stress of this transition has zapped me, physically and spiritually. And I know that trying to write copy for my marketing when I’m drained on many levels is futile.

So I give myself space to find my balance again. I take a morning off to sleep more – REST is life-giving water.

I take hot baths and indulge in my senses. I go the gym to workout and release my tension. I detox in a hot sauna. I breathe deeply and stretch in my yoga class.

Enjoying a healthy connection to your body is like fertilizer for innovation.

During these activities or periods of rest, you might think about your business or not. Don’t force it. Just stay present and surrender to what comes.

In my experience, creative ideas will flow spontaneously when I’m ready for them. It feels effortless when it’s right. I can’t push or force it to happen on a rigid schedule.

But you might be thinking – what about deadlines? I get it - you’ve got a business to run, you can’t put everything on hold for your unpredictable artistic sensitivities.

Well… creativity CAN be harnessed in time for deadlines. As long as you’re Recharging Your Creative Batteries consistently, your inspiration will come when you need it.

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