Emily Turned 1!

On November 30, Emily turned 1! Wow I can’t believe how fast that went. And yet, my sweet girl has developed so much in just a year. It’s really an incredible experience to watch your child grow.

It makes me appreciate all the simple things that she is discovering for the first time - like the shape of a kitchen spatula, or being able to stand up and reach the top of the table (yikes!), or taking her first steps. She is SO proud of herself for being able to walk around the house now.

It makes life more adventurous because she can get into so much, and she’s always on the move. My daughter seems to be very brave for her age. The other day I was watching her play with the older kids in daycare at my gym. She walked right through a rowdy crowd of them, yelling at the top of her lungs like a battle cry, and tried to grab a big rubber ball from some boys who were wrestling over it. I don’t think she realizes how much smaller she is than them. (And even though it was adorable I pulled her out of the way so she didn’t get trampled by the bigger kids.)

We had a birthday party for her too and she had a blast playing with the toddlers around her age. She’s a very social girl, super friendly and loves to connect. She’s such a bright light in our lives. I’m a lucky mama!

Remember to appreciate the simple things in life. If you need some inspiration for this, I recommend hanging out with toddlers. Their wonderment at the world should have a positive impact on you.  

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