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The Ideal Client Manifester

Thursday August 25, 2022

You want to grow an online presence with offers that attract clients and fill your programs 24-7…and you might be feeling overwhelmed about the exact steps to do that effectively.


There are so many options to package your expertise. Should you do a free webinar or charge for it? Should you offer a low-cost e-book or a strategy session? Should you offer this course first or that one? And in what order?


I want to put your mind at ease. Keep it simple and avoid stretching yourself too thin with many different offers.


In my Irresistible Marketing Club, I teach entrepreneurs how to create a streamlined Offer Progression Strategy that guides potential clients from interested to invested – all while giving them value and building trust with you.


Here’s a sneak peek of that process to get you started.


Your Offer Progression Strategy tells you what to offer and in what order. When you do it right, you magnetize clients and keep them working with you for a long time. That’s a formula for a profitable, time-freeing business model!


Here’s one example of what this could look like:

Step 1:

You start by offering a free e-book. It’s the first impression you give potential clients so you want this gift to speak to their top of mind challenge and desire. What’s the number one problem keeping them up at night? What’s the most important outcome they’re craving?


An e-book is an Instant Gratification gift, or educational appetizer. It comes with the perception that it’s quick and easy to get by clicking on a link to download it – even though the reality is, it may require more time to actually read.


As long as they’re targeting the right ideal clients, e-books tend to get the most opt-ins of any type of educational appetizer. This is because they require the lowest time commitment to access and are the most flexible to consume.


I recommend starting your offer progression with a free e-book to attract the most ideal clients onto your email list. From there you can start building deeper connections with the next step offers.

Step 2:

After the free e-book, I recommend offering a free webinar. This is a great next step for potential clients to get to know you and see how they like working with you.


A webinar is the most effective way to invite potential clients to sign up for a paid program, service or apply for a consultation.


With a webinar, you have people’s attention, usually for 30-60 minutes. If you’re effective in your delivery, your ideal clients will stay and learn about the value of your solution.


In your webinar, you want to make sure you give away substantial tips that showcase your expertise. 


The biggest mistake to avoid when delivering your webinar is sharing really basic, entry level content, hoping viewers will crave more.


When you do this, people won't realize how much more they actually need. And they’re not going to be impressed with the quality of your information.


I once had a client whose first hot top was to drink eight glasses of water a day. Well that's common knowledge!


You won’t position yourself as an expert by sharing rudimentary tips – even if they are important for people to follow. They just don’t belong in your marketing.


In your webinar, you want to share more surprising tips, things that most of your ideal clients don't already know. You want them thinking, “Wow, I could learn so much more from this person.”


At the same time, when you share too much great information, people feel full. They’ll love your training and want to go away and digest it, without feeling the need to invest in more.


So it’s all about balance You need to give enough so people feel they got value and gained trust in your expertise. Yet they're still hungry for more.


And the most important thing is, your audience needs to be AWARE that they need more from you. That’s where your content positioning and offer seeding comes in.


I teach more about how to do this in my Irresistible Marketing Club.

Steps 3 & 4:

A great next step in your Offer Progression is a 2 or 3-day online workshop for a relatively low price - $97, $197 or $297.


This event is an in-depth experience where you're teaching a specific topic and building more trust and connection with potential clients. You also get to create a transformational experience that inspires clients to believe in their growth potential.


When this happens, they feel more ready to invest in themselves at a high level.


And then you get to create hunger and desire for your premium program – which brings us to step 4 in your Offer Progression.


On day 2 of your event, you’ll make an offer for your premium program, usually something in the $2,000 - $20,000 range. If you’ve done well positioning the offer and creating awareness about the value, a good number of clients will be ready to take this bigger step with you.


Online workshops have been my favorite way to fill premium programs. They’re the most effective at melting resistance and raising excitement about continuing education with you – they work even better than 1-1 enrollment calls and they’re far more leveraged!


Your premium program solves a more significant problem and provides a more comprehensive solution. Plus, it gives clients ongoing support, which they need to get lasting, bigger results. 


They need further education. They need coaching. They need accountability. They need the inspiration of a committed group. They need mentoring and valuable feedback.


This is the most fun and important step, because the premium program makes the biggest impact in people’s lives. This is where the profound client success stories come from.

 Want more on creating your Offer Progression Strategy and building a lucrative, leveraged online business?

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