My Body is My Sacred Business Partner

Since going through my “quarter life crisis” in my mid-twenties, I’ve discovered a sacred partnership with my body. When I listen to it and honor its needs, life flows with more ease and pleasure. And surprisingly, so does business!

When I was 25, working in my first career as an investigative journalist, I reached my burnout boiling point. I was working hard constantly chasing the next deadline, volunteering for my spiritual community, and going out late without taking great care of myself. I struggled with exhaustion - sometimes I couldn’t even get off my couch after I got home from work.

When my hair started falling out in alarming amounts I went to see my doctor. I knew something wasn’t right. That’s when I discovered that I had Hepatitis C. I got it from a blood transfusion back in 1981 when I was a baby and had lived with it for decades without knowing.

This discovery was scary. In the early 2000’s there wasn’t a reliable cure for me. My doctor told me to just wait for one. So I started an alternative healing path that led to incredible transformation.

I saw acupuncturists and energy healers. I went deep and released a ton of pent up emotional junk that was getting in the way of my true potential. My physical healing became spiritual healing.

I got the courage to follow my own authentic path for self growth, breaking away from the spiritual traditions I was raised in. 

This was a huge shift that freed up a ton of energy as I came closer into alignment with my truth.

My need for a more nurturing lifestyle led me to start my own copywriting coaching business, where I could work part-time from home and make great money. I moved away from the city and into a cozy peaceful cottage in the woods.

I made the leap from employee to entrepreneur back in 2007 but at the time, I couldn’t get the traction I needed in my business. My body was holding me back - warning me not to burnout again. I was afraid success would come with too much work and more sickness.

So one day when I was at a leadership retreat invoking the Earth element, I had one of my biggest breakthroughs. This setting was the perfect container because the Earth element is all about self care, nurturing, integrity and compassion - everything I needed more of.

I realized that in order to move forward in my business growth, I needed to embrace my body as my sacred partner. 

I made a promise to design my life in service of my health and well being. I vowed never to sacrifice these essentials again in the pursuit of other goals.

I cried my eyes out, releasing the frustration and fear I had been carrying about my health. I released the limiting beliefs that tried to keep me small, telling me I didn’t have enough physical energy to be successful.

And I embraced a new path that protects and channels my energy for the highest impact and fulfillment.

This commitment empowered me to create a very leveraged and profitable business while working less than most leaders do. I didn’t let myself get distracted by things that weren’t essential to my goals. I focused on working smarter, no more than 30 hours per week, and enjoyed at least 2 months off a year for vacations.

My nurturing lifestyle gave me the inspiration and creative juice to share my gifts and message on a much bigger scale. 

I found my voice, claimed my value and unleashed my power as a leader and mentor.

My coaching business quickly grew to a 7-figure online marketing training company by 2012. At times, this expansion made it difficult to keep my work/life balance. But I stayed fiercely committed to my self care.

I always remembered my partnership with my body, and there were many times I had to make tough decisions in favor of my health over financial gain. Luckily my body is a very noisy partner and soon as I come close to tipping the balance, it lets me know I need to slow down or change course.

So my message for you is this - listen to your body and honor its needs. 

When your body is happy, it will give you energy, wisdom, motivation and great clarity to pursue your passions.

If you’re sick, which is often your body’s way of trying to get your attention, you can’t do much good in the world anyway. It’s not worth sacrificing your well being for success because it won’t be sustainable.

In 2016 I finally got the new cure for Hepatitis C and am now completely free of the virus. Yay! I’m still on my healing journey though, and I’m always committed to my greatest quality of life.

My body gave me the most incredible gift last year - a healthy pregnancy and beautiful baby girl. My daughter Emily is the most valuable blessing of my life!

Creating and caring for her has required a huge amount of my physical energy. It’s been challenging on my health. So I’ve had to make some big adjustments to my business and lifestyle. I’m working only about 10 hours per week now and still trying to find the best balance.

Through it all I continue to honor my sacred business partner. Thank you, body, for all you allow me to do and experience in this lifetime. Thank you for the energy you give me to show up as a mother, a leader, a lover, a dancer and so much more.

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