Self Care is My Saving Grace

Life has been SO stressful lately! My mom is very sick with end stage liver disease. I’ve been so worried about her, and like the rest of my family, I’m stepping up to help care for her. Add that to being a mom, wife and entrepreneur - and I’m pretty maxed out all the time.

Consistent self care has been my saving grace. It keeps me grounded so I can show up with clarity and compassion. I try to do something good for my body every day, whether it’s taking a walk, doing yoga, getting a massage or acupuncture treatment, working out at the gym, or even just soaking in a hot bath.

I keep reminding myself to relax and breathe. It’s hard to remember when I’m in overdrive mode. For anyone who can relate to being a mom, caretaker or busy business owner, I’ll share one of my biggest life lessons - take care of yourself FIRST so you can have the strength to give to others. You can’t help anyone if you’re falling apart or sick, which WILL happen if you neglect your own health needs.

I’m continuously grateful for the amazing support of our friends and family. Even though it’s scary to think about how much time I have left with my mom, this experience is bringing us all together and making us appreciate each other so much more.

Don’t take your life for granted. It’s precious. Enjoy it and make the most of every moment.



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