The Entrepreneur’s Magic Wand

The Ideal Client Manifester

Friday  January 28, 2022

How do you want your business to grow in 2022? If you could wave a magic wand, what would your profit, schedule and impact look like?

While there’s no such thing as a magic pill or overnight solution, you do have a magic wand to make your vision real.

It’s your commitment.

The strength of your commitment shows up every day, in every little choice you make - how you spend your time and money, what you focus on, and what you stick to - no matter what happens. 

And when your commitment is strong and steady, you’ll always get to your destination. Your outcomes may not look exactly like you originally hoped for. They could be surprisingly bigger!

Or they could create unexpected and valuable experiences. You WILL grow from taking consistent action.

When you’re committed, the support and resources you need to move forward always show up. The clients you’re here to help always show up, one way or another. 

One of the most challenging parts of upleveling your business - whether you’re launching a new program or testing out a new marketing strategy - is deciding WHEN to put your plan into action. 

In 14 years of mentoring 1,000’s of entrepreneurs, I find they tend to drag their feet the most when it comes to setting their launch dates. 

It’s fun and (mostly) comfortable to brainstorm ideas for launching, while you develop your program and marketing messages. 

But when it comes to putting those ideas out into the world?

Giving yourself actual deadlines that people are counting on you to meet?

That’s where you step outside of your comfort zone and start making your vision REAL. 

And that’s the true test of your commitment. 

Are you willing to do what it takes to launch? Are you willing to say no to distractions and keep saying yes to actions that move you closer to your goal?

This could mean you have to work more diligently. Like stop scrolling through social media and bust out the copy you need for your launch. 

It could mean you need to stop hiding behind endless offer tweaking, pick an idea to launch and start finding promotional partners. 

Yeah, it looks like reaching out to connect with other entrepreneurs and enrolling them in supporting your launch. 

They’re only going to listen if you’re 100% committed. 

And you’re only going to attract committed clients willing to invest in themselves if you show the same dedication through your actions - not just your words. 

I know from experience that it takes strength and courage to commit. And it can be the most challenging when you’re trying to rev up from a long period of inaction. 

In early 2020, I was dreaming up new possibilities for my business. I had been in a quiet, semi-sabbatic mode for a couple of years after giving birth to my child and phasing out my old business model. 

I needed something more sustainable and supportive for my single mama lifestyle. 

I was just coming out of a very stressful divorce and balancing some ongoing health issues. Juggling a toddler with unpredictable childcare made it even harder to focus on rebuilding. 

At the time, I was healing on many levels and slowly planning to come out of my shell. 

But launching, like transformation, needs intensity and speed. A drawn out dream into slow inching forward isn’t going to get your business to the next level. 

I realized this when the pandemic hit in March 2020 and we all went into lockdown. I was shocked into action. 

Suddenly, millions of people had to change the way they do business as nearly everything went online. 

And since I specialize in teaching people how to build and grow online programs, I felt strongly called to help. 

My commitment kicked in. It was like I finally found the gas pedal and released the parking brake. 

Within a few weeks I hosted my first online enrollment event during the quarantine. I wanted to give value right away while people were at home, hungry for education on how to make their businesses profitable virtually. 

In that short period of time, I created an entirely new program. It was intense but exciting. I was fueled by passion and the clients who were waiting for me. 

Of course my commitment was tested. My key team member helping me build my launch got sick with COVID and was out of commission for weeks. 

I had to find a replacement fast. Then I got sick with a cold, as did my daughter, and somehow we got through it.

There were other obstacles along the way. I got creative and adjusted where needed but I never lost sight of those launch dates. 

That online event started my Irresistible Marketing Club, which is still growing strong today. 

I am blessed to support the amazing entrepreneurs in my program as they’re creating and filling their own life-changing programs. 

Growth happens in intense spurts. Quick launch deadlines work the best. Give it your all and stay focused. 

Then you get to celebrate and welcome new clients. Things get calmer after the launch and you can find a more steady pace. 

Embrace the intensity if you want to uplevel - and don’t worry about burning out. You only need to launch a few times a year and you can get help to do it with balance. 

The bottom line is, your commitment is your magic wand. You need to be 100% all in if you want REAL results. 

Want the proven path to grow your business online with more freedom and profits?

I look forward to seeing you there!