The Fun Factor for Magnetic Growth

The Ideal Client Manifester

Friday February 24, 2023

This morning brought a magical surprise – snow! In the Santa Cruz Mountains on the California coast, it was a first for me in my hometown. I ran around with glee in the flurry falling from the sky. My daughter and I threw our hands up and screeched with delight. It was stunning to see the snow sticking on trees and even our hair!

This might seem commonplace to many people, but as a California native I’ve only been in snow a couple times in my life, and certainly never in my neighborhood.

We had one of the best reasons to show up late to school because…I mean…of course we had to stop along the way to play and take photos. I wasn’t going to let my daughter and I miss this rare experience just for a bell schedule.

And sometimes in life and business, you break the rules for a good reason. Joy being high up on that list!

If you’re anything like me, you work with intensity and focus to meet your goals. Getting important things done is a priority however this doesn’t always happen according to a rigid plan your brain is so good at making.

You’ve got to remember to leave room for your heart to weigh in how things unfold. What lights you up? What makes you feel more joyful and alive?

Give yourself space to enjoy the lightness. Have fun. Being a parent has taught me to be more playful and present, and this quality of being has served me well in all areas.

You see, when you’re feeling good and your heart is happy, you bring a magnetic presence to your business. You attract more clients and sales effortlessly, just by being you.

People read your energy, even when it’s online in videos and zoom meetings. Half of what you’re communicating has nothing to do with what you’re saying. It’s how you’re showing up.

And beyond making time for special moments, look for ways you can enjoy your work more.

I made a huge shift at the end of last year. I got close to burnout because I was doing ALL the management in my business, on top of things I normally love like coaching, teaching and writing.

But I didn’t love anything as the year came to a close because I was tapped out. And I realized how I’ve been unconsciously holding myself back from smarter growth.

I am excellent at managing but it is not in my zone of genius. I learned this distinction from Gay Hendricks in his book, The Big Leap.

And because I can do it so well, it’s been difficult for me to delegate management. But the problem is, it zaps my energy and pulls me away from things I really need to be doing to have a greater impact.

When I focus on working in my zone of genius, I have more energy and inspiration, not to mention more fun and creativity. I am totally in my element. It’s easy to lose track of time, I enjoy myself so much.

You often know something is in your zone of genius when you can perform well even when you’re feeling sick or tired. You can almost do it in your sleep because it comes so naturally to you.

Well that’s how I feel when I’m coaching, teaching, designing courses, and writing inspirational, educational content.

I even feel that doing sales is in my zone of genius because the way I approach it is transformational and empowering.

So in the beginning of this year, the light bulb went off. I realized I needed to shift more of my energy into my zone of genius work and hire more management help in my business.

I have a new high-level team member who’s going to start taking things off my plate starting in the next few days, and I’m feeling excited, relieved and a little nervous.

It’s hard to let go of some of the reigns. This is going to be a growth experience in trust and communication.

Ever since I made the decision to hire a manager, though, I’ve felt lighter and more passionate about my business. My energy was revived after a nice holiday break, and I find myself full of drive to rise to the next level.

I’m also enjoying leading my group coaching and training sessions even more than before. I’m focused on showing up at my best for my clients, and I’m not stressing out about a mountain of other responsibilities.

So ask yourself, what’s in your zone of genius? And what’s in your zone of excellence? The more you shift your work to the first one, the better you’ll perform and the happier you’ll be.

Also look out for work you might be doing in your zones of competence or incompetence, those should definitely be delegated pronto! Your business will thrive when people are fulfilling the roles they’re meant to.

Same goes for you!