The Ideal Client Manifester

The Ideal Client Manifester

Friday,  February 7, 2020

One of the simplest things you can do right now to attract more great clients you love working with is….be specific and clear about what you want. 

It’s kind of like creating a vision board to manifest your desires. Only we’re doing it with words in an Ideal Client Manifester. 

This list sends a strong signal to the universe that you’re open and ready to serve these right-fit clients who need you. Being specific helps you attract people who can benefit most from working with you and who are naturally drawn to your unique style. 

Plus you’ll enjoy working with them, and that’s extremely important for your quality of life! No amount of money is worth tolerating a pain-in-the-you-know-what client. Compromising your standards for the wrong-fit people only leads to painful and costly problems. 

An important step in clarifying who you want to attract is determining who you DON’T want to attract. Think of the qualities that should disqualify someone from being your client. Your time and energy are extremely valuable, and working with you or your program is a privilege. 

Here are the Top 10 client disqualifiers in my company:

1. Showing up late

2. Missing important meetings without notice

3. Disengaging from the program

4. Not taking action

5. Getting stalled by distractions a lot

6. Paying late

7. Blaming others for their challenges

8. Being rude or offensive

9. Being co-dependent (expecting too much hand holding with basic technical functions)

10. Being defensive and unreceptive to coaching and feedback

Once I identified these no-go’s and committed to screening them out, the clients who self-selected into my world got better. And you know what, they achieved bigger results and were happier with my programs because they were the right fit for our company culture. 

Ok so let’s move on. It’s important not to focus on the red flag list because your energy goes where you focus, and you attract more of where your energy is going. Tell the universe you invite clients with these patterns to select themselves out of your world.

Then tell the universe which clients you want IN your world with the Ideal Client Manifester. This is a list of qualities that describes 1 person. When you work together, magic happens, they make fantastic progress and you have a blast supporting them. 

Here are 10 points to start your Manifester:

1. Name: Pick a name to represent your Ideal Client (imagine one person, real or fictional)

2. Age: Choose the specific age they are most likely to be. You’ll attract clients of various ages but they’ll usually be within a 10-year age range.

3. Occupation: list their position and industry (if applicable)

4. Relationship status: you get the idea. The clients you attract don’t have to have a particular relationship status, but identifying this helps you imagine a specific ideal client avatar.

5. Kids: if they have them or not, and if so, what age range.

6. Level: identify the level they’re at when it comes to solving their problem, how much experience do they have and where are they starting from.

7. Gateway Problem: the first most urgent problem they want solved, they must be very aware they have this (not an underlying problem).

8. Aspiration: What’s the most valuable result they’re craving? What do they want their life to look like after they’ve made the transformation they need?

9. Values: What are 3-5 values they hold and live by?

10. Attitude: How they show up, the energy they bring.

One important tip to keep in mind when you’re creating this list: don’t include negatives as that lends more energy to what you don’t want. Include words that describe the positive aspects you envision. For example, don’t write “doesn’t miss payments.” Instead you can write, “pays the full amount due on time.” 

In my company we have a few different types of ideal clients - they’re very similar and in the same “entrepreneur” category, but they’re at different levels in their businesses. We have unique offerings to support their individual needs. 

Level 1 Ideal Client Manifester Example:

Name: Kathy

Age: 40

Occupation: relationship coach, entrepreneur

Relationship status: married

Kids: no kids

Level: runs a 5-figure business, working on creating and growing a new online program

Gateway Problem: Unclear about how to create and fill a successful online course, frustrated with her limited income and time in the 1-1 business model.

Aspiration: Making a bigger impact through online programs, growing her income to 6-figures with more profitability and freedom.

Values: divine purpose, making a difference, abundance, freedom, alignment

Attitude: driven, focused, positive, authentic, receptive

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Level 2 Ideal Client Manifester Example:

Name: Teresa

Age: 45

Occupation: naturopath, entrepreneur

Relationship status: married

Kids: mom of a school-aged kid

Level: runs an established 6-figure business with steady clientele, has some experience growing her email list and running small group programs

Gateway Problem: Too busy to help all the people who need her. Struggles with juggling the demands of her business while trying to build more leveraged group programs.

Aspiration: Making a bigger impact through group programs and events, growing her income to high 6-figures or 7-figures with more freedom in her schedule, growing a team of providers trained in her systems that help serve her clients 1-1.

Values: Making a bigger impact, abundance, freedom, alignment, leadership

Attitude: ambitious, focused, positive, authentic, receptive

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