The Key to Enroll High-Ticket - with Ease

The Ideal Client Manifester

Saturday  November 20, 2021

If you’ve ever thought of sales as trying to convince people to buy your program or service, I have a total reframe for you. And if you’ve ever been turned off by a slimy sales method, you’re going to love this new paradigm. 

When you sell like you’re trying to get something from someone, it can feel like manipulation. And that repels your potential clients. 

Instead sales can be your most powerful transformational work. With education and inspiration, you can uplevel your potential clients into who they need to be to invest highly in themselves. 

They need to believe in their vision and their ability to make it real. They need to feel courage and confidence to step outside of their comfort zone. 

When you transform while you enroll, you’ll see your sales conversion rates skyrocket. 

Now this only works if you do it with the intention of service. This has to be about supporting your potential clients to grow - with no attachment to your own result. 

Just focus on what they need to reach their potential. They need to feel that you genuinely care about them. Then you’ll have permission to motivate your potential clients so they can finally say yes to the solution they need. 

Most sales trainers will teach about how to “overcome objections” about time and money, which are very common reasons people don’t invest. Personally, I don’t like to use that approach, overcoming objections. It sounds too much like you’re trying to convince someone to do what you want. 

On my campus, we focus on melting resistance. 

First, that means understanding why potential clients may resist your offer. Then you gracefully educate and inspire so they can break through any blocks standing in the way of their commitment. 

It’s really about them saying yes to their vision - and this is the first step to transforming in any area of life. 

One of the BIGGEST reasons people resist buying is because they doubt themselves. Even if you show them compelling testimonials, they may still think, “well it won’t work for me.” They might be jaded because they’ve tried other solutions and are still frustrated with their problem. 

When people have this doubt, no amount of overcoming their objections about time and money will work. In fact, most sales methods don’t effectively address this common concern. You can tell people “yes you can do it i believe in you” but that doesn’t change their belief in themselves. 

What you need to provide is an enrollment experience that inspires people to shift their beliefs about themselves. 

When people believe in their ability to grow, with the right support, they will move mountains to commit. They will find the money, they will make the time. They’ll do it because they’re dedicated to making their vision real. That kind of determination comes from the inner fire of their confidence. 

So here’s the thing - your typical sales call isn’t going to provide this kind of transformation. Neither is a single webinar or a few short videos.

In fact this is why most sales methods come with so many challenges: people don’t show up for 1-1 sales calls, or they don’t buy even when you know it’s a fit, people leave during your offer on webinars or click away without investing. 

Sales conversions with online methods like videos and sales pages are so low (under 5%). A huge reason for this is distraction. These methods don’t effectively hold people’s attention for long while they consider making an investment. 

Even if your message is engaging, there’s no strong support to help people move through their resistance. And the fact is, most people have resistance. It’s natural. It’s the muck that keeps them stuck with their problem. 

The greatest service you can do for your clients is to help them get free from this muck. 

Help them get out of their own way so they move forward. 

What’s the best way to do that?

I’ve developed a powerful transformational enrollment method that changes lives and fills high-ticket programs ($5,000 - $20,000+) without 1-1 sales calls. 

I’ve led dozens of 3-day enrollment events (in-person and online), where I invite clients to continue growing in my membership program. 

When I have 3 days with my clients, we’re able to go deep, clearing away the stuff that holds them back. My clients feel so empowered, that the majority of them choose to invest highly in themselves. 

And that’s just the beginning of their journey. Many go on to grow lucrative 6-figure and 7-figure businesses while in my program.

I can turn my in-person event audience of 50 into $500,000 in sales.

My business has generated over $8 million, and this enrollment event strategy has been a key part of that.

And the beauty is, you can host an enrollment event online, from the comfort of your home, without any of the hustle and cost of hosting an in-person event. 

I teach my complete High Profit Online Events Formula in my Irresistible Marketing Club.

Go here for more information. On this page, you can request an Irresistible Marketing Strategy Session to speak with me personally about your best next steps to skyrocket your business online!