The Myth About Making a Bigger Impact

The Ideal Client Manifester

Friday  January 26, 2024

If you want a leveraged, high-profit business that makes a profound impact, you need to attract highly invested clients. 

Offer them a high-ticket premium program that creates amazing value and transformation. You can do this starting now (no matter what level you’re at).

That may seem surprising because most people assume that expanding your reach online means selling high-volume, low-ticket courses. They believe impact is measured by the sheer number of people you reach. 

But that perspective can often lead to quantity at the expense of quality. 

The kicker is, it’s not even the recipe for a profitable business model! If you go the low-ticket offer route, you’ll likely end up hustling for a lot less money than you think.  

What if you serve 1,000 people with an inexpensive online course (priced under a couple hundred dollars)...and only a tiny percentage of those people ever engage with it? And then only 1 percent ever take action and get results?

Across the information marketing industry, the vast majority of people who buy low-ticket products and programs never engage with the training. They just buy it and save it for later…but later almost never comes.

Of the small percentage of people who do participate in the training, most will never take action and fully implement what they learned.

I don’t believe offering cheap information to a lot of people makes a very profound impact. 

Rather, I believe that impact is measured by how significantly you transform lives with your expertise.

Of course you want to touch as many lives as possible, so growing with leverage is important. Group programs can make a much bigger difference for more people than 1-1 services that are limited by your time. 

So create a premium group program that creates deep growth for the people who are truly ready for it. That’s the key to building a sustainable business that lasts - while creating incredible value in the world. 

Your first most important step is to attract clients who are very committed to their transformation. 

These clients recognize they have a problem and need help. They’re open to growing themselves. And they have money to invest in their education. 

They aren’t even interested in buying low-ticket programs that don’t seem as valuable or supportive. They’re far more likely to invest in a high-ticket course that’s the right fit.

You can attract these types of clients to you no matter where you’re starting from. 

Now there’s a common, costly myth out there that might have you questioning this strategy. 

It’s the idea that if you want to leverage your expertise with online courses or information products, you need to sell them at very low prices. 

Some believe they need low-ticket offers to reach more people and they assume they’ll sell a ton and make more money. 

Some believe they don’t have enough credibility to sell a higher ticket program if they’re just starting to create courses. So they charge low prices thinking that’s the best they can get. 

The truth is, there’s no rule or market force that says online courses should be inexpensive. And you certainly don’t have to undercharge when you’re offering a new program. 

Offering high-ticket premium programs is the BEST path for you and your clients. 

I believe that investing highly in your growth is the GREATEST sign of your commitment. 

Through mentoring thousands of entrepreneurs over the past decade, I’ve seen that the more people invest, the more committed they are. And the more committed they are, the more value and results they get from my programs.

This doesn’t mean that only people with more money can be committed. Actually many people who don’t have a lot of money WILL manifest the resources to invest in themselves at high levels. They will move mountains to receive the support they need to make their vision real.

I once had a client join my premium program even though she was struggling to pay her bills. She was sick of being on the cash flow roller coaster and knew she had to change the way she was running her business.

She was ALL IN and she said yes to investing over $15,000 in herself. That YES raised her abundance vibration, and she quickly began enrolling more clients every month. 

Clients are attracted to people who have a high abundance vibration, and that’s one reason why investing in yourself is so powerful for your growth.

When you get to serve highly invested clients in your programs, it’s so fun and fulfilling. 

They show up more and are eager to learn. They take action and create success faster. They value your program more, and then you can deeply support them in creating the transformation they want.

This is often not the case with lower paying clients. They’re not necessarily flaky or irresponsible. Like most people, they’re busy with many things competing for their attention. 

Because they only invested a small amount in your program, working with it is NOT likely to be high on their priority list. So it usually gets forgotten and pushed to the back burner.

Now when you give people the opportunity to step up and invest a lot more for a premium program that’s $5,000 (for example), they get to say YES to their transformation in a much bigger way. They’re making it more important, and that’s why they’re prepared to grow faster.

Offering high-ticket programs is a service. 

Giving people an irresistible invitation to commit to their vision at a high level is one of the most generous things you can do.

It’s also the best move for the profitability of your business. You can make more money with less effort, and grow a more leveraged business without burning out. 

Ultimately that’s better for your inspiration and happiness as a leader. Your business should support you in having a nurturing, fulfilling lifestyle.