The #1 Secret to be a Money Magnet

Grateful for my friends during this shit storm

Thursday,  November 28, 2019

My favorite simple secret to attract more abundance is…




Focusing on what you’re grateful for...even something as ordinary as the comfortable chair you’re sitting in...raises your vibration. When you’re feeling generous and whole, you become a magnet for prosperity in all forms. 


Gratitude and fear cannot live in your mind at the same time. So whenever you’re feeling stressed out about something, you can quickly shift your energy by making a list of everything you’re thankful for. 


The tradition of focusing on “giving thanks” makes this holiday my favorite.


So to celebrate, here are my top 3 reasons to be grateful. 


1.   My daughter Emily. I adore watching her grow and reveal her sweet personality. She’ll be two years old this November 30! She’s a super friendly, outgoing, brave, adventurous girl. She’ll hug any new friend and dance whenever she hears music. She spontaneously laughs even when I have no idea what’s funny. She’s very strong-willed and opinionated, which can be challenging when she wants to do something like eat an entire large carton of raisins, but I love her independence and spirit. 


2.   My mom, Diane Normand. She’s dying of liver failure and very close to the end of her life if she doesn’t get a miracle transplant very soon. I’m grieving while trying to hold on to a thread of hope. She dedicated her life to raising me and my two sisters well. She was there for us, taking us to the zoo and water park, hosting the best birthday parties for us, cooking for us every day and always making sure we had fun in our lives. She planned special family nights with pizza and games with prizes. She was a full time mom on weekdays and then put on her clown costume to entertain other kids on the weekends, her side business to help make ends meet. I’m so grateful for the light she is, her boldness, charisma, humor, adventurousness, generosity and so much more. 


3.   My best friend Penelope Jane Smith. We met over ten years ago in the business world and supported each other through many career celebrations and changes. She had her first child in the same year I had mine. She’s an incredibly generous, thoughtful, smart, big-hearted person who always shows up for her friends and family. She’s been there for me through thick and thin, and I feel so blessed to have her in my life. 



I would love to see your gratitude shares too - please comment below!


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