The Greatest Spiritual Key to Uplevel Your Business

Wednesday, Mar 20, 2019

I’ve been teaching irresistible copywriting and marketing since 2008, and since then I’ve learned a lot about what it means to be “irresistible.”

That root of that word is “resist” so to be irresistible, you have to know why others may resist you or your message. Then tune into what they’re craving, what they want more of. 

When it comes to promoting and offering your programs and services, the number one thing that makes people resist is attachment. If potential clients sense that you are attached to making the sale, or getting something from them, they will lean out. 

Attachment comes across like desperation. You may not even be totally conscious of it in yourself. 

Here are some signs that you are approaching marketing and sales with too much attachment to the outcome:

*You feel disappointed when potential clients don’t buy

*You talk a lot about the value of your offer, and you’re frustrated when people still don’t seem to “get it”

*When potential clients give you excuses about why they can’t invest now, you judge them (even if silently)

*You underprice your offerings because you’re afraid of getting rejected for charging what you’re worth

*You get pissed at your promotional partners for failing to meet your expectations for results

*You feel stress about meeting your goals and you think things like “this just HAS to work or I’m screwed.”

If you’ve experienced these feelings (and let’s face it, we all have at some point), you’re leading with the wrong energy. When you feel disappointed, frustrated, pissed or afraid, you’re putting too much pressure on yourself to achieve a result. 

These feelings are low vibration, so when you let yourself swim in them for too long, you end up repelling sales. Abundance comes when you raise your vibration, and you can choose to do that by shifting your thoughts and feelings. 

It’s perfectly normal to have enrollment conversations that don’t convert and meet potential clients who have resistance to investing. It’s normal to have ups and downs with promotional partners. That stuff is going to happen. 

How you deal with these challenges makes the biggest impact in your business success. 

You might be wondering, How do I shift my feelings and raise my vibration?

Well here’s the thing. A common mistake is to overcompensate by becoming too detached. Like you’re resigned to disappointing outcomes and you’ve lost hope. Or like you’re apathetic, you act like you don’t care what happens with your potential client. 

This is NOT an empowering way to lead or support others. They will feel your lack of intention and go elsewhere. 

The key is to be committed - but not attached. This is the single greatest spiritual lesson that has propelled my business forward. 

Being committed means…

*You show up fully and dedicate your energy to manifesting your vision. 

*You enroll potential clients with the pure intention to provide what they need. Sales means being of service.

*You believe in yourself, like you believe in others. 

*You’re unstoppable. You take consistent action towards your goals.

*You roll with the ups and downs of business. If you don’t get the sales results you want, you let it go and look for the learning opportunity.

*You don’t take it personally when you run into pitfalls with promotional partners. You get curious and search for more clarity in the relationship and your systems. 

Bring more of this committed energy to your business and you’ll find yourself becoming a lot more irresistible. That means more yes’s and more ease, with a lot less struggle. 

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