The BEST way to reach potential clients is through collaborative promotional arrangements called Joint Venture Partnerships.

If you want to get your offers promoted by leaders who have thousands of your ideal clients on their email lists, this is the most effective and sustainable strategy out there.

In this article, I’m going to summarize the 3 key elements you need to successfully grow your reach with JV partners.

When it comes to sales pages that fill your programs, courses or events, you can’t help but wonder…

“Is my copy any good?”

“Will people read it?”

...and most importantly…

“Will they buy?”

Let’s run your copy through my “TSSS” Test to make sure it’s primed for sales success…

If you’ve been struggling to fill your high-ticket premium programs, you’re not alone. In today’s crowded online world, there’s more noise and competition than ever.

You may be talking with potential clients who are jaded by previous investments that didn’t deliver what they hoped. You may be meeting people who are overwhelmed with all the different options and unsure how to choose the right solution.

If you want a leveraged, high-profit business that makes a profound impact, you need to attract highly invested clients. 
Offer them a high-ticket premium program that creates amazing value and transformation. You can do this starting now (no matter what level you’re at).

This month I’m completing my 16th year as a business owner teaching marketing to entrepreneurs. I’ve grown so much as a leader, mentor and marketer. I’ve seen BIG changes in our industry. Some of them are positive signs of evolution. And some of them are depressing signs of deterioration.

Here at Irresistible Marketing, having enticing copy, effective strategies, and visibility are key for growing your lucrative online business. But your “outer game” is only fifty percent of your power. Your “inner game” counts for the other half, and this is something most entrepreneurs don’t pay enough attention to. It doesn’t matter how much business information you consume or how many things you do, none of it will get you anywhere without the right presence.

You need to get your marketing messages SEEN by more of your ideal clients so you can fill your programs, courses and events. But this is one of the biggest challenges I see entrepreneurs struggling with! When you have a non-existent or small email list, it can feel even harder to get in front of more potential clients. And frankly, even if you have a medium or large list, you still constantly need to grow it with new subscribers. Visibility is a never-ending priority to keep your business thriving and profitable.

It’s my birthday this July 20! I’ve made it an annual tradition to do an “inner celebration” during my entire birthday week by bringing more presence to my emotional needs. I focus on what I appreciate in my life and what I want to manifest more of. I love myself for how much I’ve grown. 
And sometimes, like this week, I make empowered choices to let go of things or people that are no longer in alignment with my highest good and well being. 

Imagine where you want your business to be in a year… Maybe you see a thriving group program full of right-fit clients. You’re consistently earning 5 to 6 figures every month while working part-time. Your marketing systems and scalable courses are making a big impact and working FOR you. You feel fulfilled and happy living in alignment with your purpose. You have plenty of money to create a high-quality lifestyle for yourself and your family.

This morning brought a magical surprise – snow! 
In the Santa Cruz Mountains on the California coast, it was a first for me in my hometown. I ran around with glee in the flurry falling from the sky. My daughter and I threw our hands up and screeched with delight. It was stunning to see the snow sticking on trees and even our hair!
This might seem commonplace to many people, but as a California native I’ve only been in snow a couple times in my life, and certainly never in my neighborhood...

Do you know the single best strategy I’ve used to rapidly grow my email list?
It’s hosting summits and giveaways. Both of these collaborations have their pros and cons. That’s why this year, I’m innovating something NEW - bringing the best of both worlds to create a hybrid. Keep reading to learn more…

I’ve managed long-term health challenges for the life of my business and in a weird way, this has been a blessing. So many entrepreneurs allow their businesses to run their lives, eventually driving them into burnout or worse. Until your body is screaming at you for a change, it can be tempting to overwork it in the pursuit of your goals. Unless you don’t have that option. When your body is already talking to you very loudly, you have to listen and honor what it needs.

Most entrepreneurs don’t realize this, but marketing your program starts with creating your program.
I’ve worked with over 5,000 clients, and the most common struggle people come to me with is low program sales or flopped launches.
Sometimes (and this is the heartbreaking part) people give up because they think marketing is too hard! Or they just put it on the back burner because they can’t figure out how to sell online more effectively.

You want to grow an online presence with offers that attract clients and fill your programs 24-7…and you might be feeling overwhelmed about the exact steps to do that effectively. There are so many options to package your expertise. Should you do a free webinar or charge for it? Should you offer a low-cost e-book or a strategy session? Should you offer this course first or that one? And in what order? I want to put your mind at ease. Keep it simple and avoid stretching yourself too thin with many different offers.

When you want to scale your business online and transition to a one-to-many model from a one-to-one model, a key strategy is pricing your programs and services. I made profound mindset shifts around my pricing in 2010 – and this was the pivotal year that catapulted me into a lucrative, leveraged business model that would earn over $8 million.

I recently led my 3-day virtual retreat, High-Profit Online Events, and I felt so grateful to support the amazing group of purpose-driven entrepreneurs attending. I gave my all and poured my heart into this training.
I felt so much love from so many clients in this retreat. And I’m getting lots of positive feedback about the quality experience participants had. Comments like…

Want to attract more high-paying clients you love? AND have a leveraged way to support them so you work less, while earning more?
Well the BEST way to do that is by offering your own premium group program (that’s priced over $1,000).

I’m preparing a new launch right now and the excitement is building… We’ll be releasing a new challenge and crash course that you can participate in for FREE…details coming very soon. 

How do you want your business to grow in 2022? If you could wave a magic wand, what would your profit, schedule and impact look like?
While there’s no such thing as a magic pill or overnight solution, you do have a magic wand to make your vision real.

Last week the 15th and biggest typhoon this year ripped through the Philippines, destroying thousands of homes, including that of our dear team member, Catriona Palo.
Catriona and her family are running out of safe drinking water and food, as debris is blocking access to supplies on many roads. While they have found temporary shelter in a small room, they are not sure where they’ll be able to spend Christmas.

If you’ve ever thought of sales as trying to convince people to buy your program or service, I have a total reframe for you. And if you’ve ever been turned off by a slimy sales method, you’re going to love this new paradigm. 
When you sell like you’re trying to get something from someone, it can feel like manipulation. And that repels your potential clients. 

If you don’t ask for what you want, how do you expect to get it? This is what I ask my girlfriends when they complain about their partners not giving them what they want. They’re hurt because he, “Just should have known!”

One year ago, during this week in August, wildfires erupted in the Santa Cruz coastal mountains where I live. They burned over 86,500 acres and destroyed 1,400 structures and homes. As the fire got super close to my property, I had to evacuate and was without a normal home for close to a month.

I’ve realized just how much becoming a parent has cured my perfectionism. My going-on-four-year-old daughter is a master of chaos. 
She’ll turn carefully organized toys into a scattered pile in seconds. Everything she eats ends up on her face and clothes, even when she’s wearing a bib. 

Not that long ago, I was struggling with launch burnout in my 7-figure business. It felt like I had to hustle nonstop to keep my marketing campaigns running, so I could keep filling my programs and covering my high overhead costs. These marketing campaigns used to suck so much time and energy. And my business model was dependent on filling and hosting four live in-person events per year, which came with huge expenses.

Each month in the Irresistible Marketing Club, I lead a live training on an essential topic to grow your lucrative online business. This month we covered the first part of finding and connecting with influential Joint Venture partners (aka referral partners) to promote your offer. Here’s a sneak peek at a few golden nuggets from our training.

So you dream of having a leveraged multiple 6-figure business while you work part-time and help hundreds more clients… But the question is…HOW are you going to get there? If you’re busy working with private clients or in a full-time job, your time and energy are extremely limited. You’re probably feeling overwhelmed just thinking about all the steps needed to build a new business model.

Being an entrepreneur gives you the most freedom - ideally. In reality, many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with an ever growing “to-do” pile.
While they have the freedom to set their own schedules, they’re actually slaves to their businesses. Can you relate?
If this ever happens to you…even a little…it’s time to shore up your boundaries. For many people this “b” word can sound harsh, like walls that push people away. You may be reluctant to say no or hurt feelings. 

I feel like a Phoenix rising from the ashes...almost literally. My home just barely escaped getting burned down in the Santa Cruz Mountain wildfires that are still being put out. It was spitting distance from the flames but is still standing thanks to our firefighters. 
For over two weeks since I got evacuated, I have been living in a trailer on a friend’s property. I am SO blessed to have this space as it’s one of the few ways I could have found shelter that’s good for my well being. Because of my severe chemical sensitivities, I cannot stay in hotels or most vacation rentals or even friends homes. 

Have you ever wondered, “Am I good looking enough to be visible online?”
Well you’re certainly not alone if you’ve had any doubts or concerns about your image, especially when it comes to sharing photos and videos of yourself with thousands of people you’ve never met before. 
Social media plays a huge role in our culture now, and for those of us who weren’t raised with it, well...we’re still finding our comfort levels in the spotlight. 

“We make this shit up.” This is the most memorable thing I learned from my university professor when getting my sociology degree 20 years ago. 
She was talking about social norms, divisions, rules, labels - the ways we define ourselves and others in society. 
These ideas can vary wildly from person to person because we give them meaning. And that meaning can be changed at any time.

As entrepreneurs, we thrive by solving problems in the world. True leaders are seeing this global pandemic as an opportunity to step up and serve.
I’m seeing more people than EVER engaging online - that’s no surprise because most of us are home and have a lot more time. Yes, people are investing in solutions, and the need for online programs is much higher now.
There are so many ways to add value in a virtual environment, I’ve created this list of 10 high demand areas to start with (in no particular order of importance):

One of the simplest things you can do right now to attract more great clients you love working with is….be specific and clear about what you want. 
It’s kind of like creating a vision board to manifest your desires. Only we’re doing it with words in an Ideal Client Manifester. 
This list sends a strong signal to the universe that you’re open and ready to serve these right-fit clients who need you. Being specific helps you attract people who can benefit most from working with you and who are naturally drawn to your unique style. 

My favorite simple secret to attract more abundance is… Gratitude. Focusing on what you’re grateful for...even something as ordinary as the comfortable chair you’re sitting in...raises your vibration. When you’re feeling generous and whole, you become a magnet for prosperity in all forms.  Gratitude and fear cannot live in your mind at the same time. So whenever you’re feeling stressed out about something, you can quickly shift your energy by making a list of everything you’re thankful for. 

I haven’t been in touch for a few months, but I want you to know that I’ve been thinking about you. I’m going to share some vulnerable truths about why I’ve been quiet for awhile. 
This has been the most difficult and crazy year of my life. I’ve been on a decades long healing journey with valleys and peaks, and this recent period is teaching me how to navigate the deepest, most challenging valleys.
I’ve been doing a lot of inner work to process and learn from my stressful experiences. I’m growing stronger and wiser every day. 

With the right people on board, your team can be one of your greatest advantages in business.  And it’s super important to get mentoring around team hiring, development and management. Mistakes in this area can be incredibly costly. If you’re not careful, the wrong team member may become a giant liability to your business.  I learned this the hard way in 2012. I hired a friend without having the clarity or screening process to assess if she was the right fit for my team. I assumed she was an expert in customer service (because she said she was) and thought she could help me improve this department as my company skyrocketed beyond 7-figures. 

When the word “freedom” comes to mind, you probably think of spaciousness and choice – an unscheduled time that’s yours to enjoy. Yes, freedom is having the ability to do what you want, when you want. It’s the ultimate reward of a leveraged business. What you might not realize, though, is that it takes more structure and scheduling to create more freedom in your life.

You’ve probably seen MANY online summits. And you may have heard about giveaways, similar collaborations based on downloadable gifts instead of audio or video interviews. 
There have certainly been A LOT of these types of events marketed to entrepreneurs over the past decade. Summits have waned significantly over the past several years in the business niche because they were overdone for awhile.

You’ve heard the buzz about launches, you’ve probably seen some, and you’re wondering if you need one to fill your own courses. 
Some people are intimidated by the idea of doing a “big scary” launch - assuming it will be complicated and stressful. 
And some are “over” the hype of launches, rejecting anything that seems too formulaic. 

I’ve been teaching irresistible copywriting and marketing since 2008, and since then I’ve learned a lot about what it means to be “irresistible.”
That root of that word is “resist” so to be irresistible, you have to know why others may resist you or your message. Then tune into what they’re craving, what they want more of...

Can you believe it...2019 is my 12th year in business!
Through mentoring thousands of clients and earning over $8 million growing my own leveraged online business, I’ve reached the mastery level in many areas - sales, marketing, developing systems and teams, program creation, teaching.
This allows me to make a profound impact with maximum profitability and much less effort. I’ve honed the best strategies and systems that...

Have you hit your income ceiling as a 6-figure business owner?
You need a breakthrough - and it’s not going to come from cookie-cutter formulas that you get in most group courses. 
At your current level, you’re working too much for too little profit. Because let’s face it, a low-6-figure business doesn’t pay for much more than your bills....

If you want to be a leader in your field, you must hone your creative edge. The power that fuels innovation, new offers, and captivating marketing content.
Harnessing your creativity requires energy and intention...

Since going through my “quarter life crisis” in my mid-twenties, I’ve discovered a sacred partnership with my body. When I listen to it and honor its needs, life flows with more ease and pleasure. And surprisingly, so does business!...

On November 30, Emily turned 1! Wow I can’t believe how fast that went. And yet, my sweet girl has developed so much in just a year. It’s really an incredible experience to watch your child grow. It makes me appreciate all the simple things...

If you’re like most business owners I know, you want to grow - but you don’t want to burnout!You want the freedom to travel and spend more time with your family...

You’ve heard about fast-growing entrepreneurs having successful 5-figure and 6-figure launches. People who quickly make $50,000 (or more) filling a program...

Hot copy can make or break your marketing success, but if you really want to see your sales soar, you’ll need to add videos to your web pages. This is because videos communicate on a deeper level, revealing your presence and energy in a way that copy can’t ...

Life has been SO stressful lately! My mom is very sick with end stage liver disease. I’ve been so worried about her, and like the rest of my family, I’m stepping up to help care for her. Add that to being a mom, wife and entrepreneur - and I’m pretty maxed out all the time.
Consistent self care has been ...

Want to increase your income by $5,000 even $50,000 this month? This is totally possible for you – if you have the right strategy! I know because I’ve done it myself and helped my clients do it too. The following 3 strategies are simple and powerfully effective. They may surprise you… Strategy #1 – Create a high-ticket program that attracts …

It boggles my mind how fast Emily is growing! She’s nine months and adorably the size of a baby more than twice her age. She’s crawling, pulling herself up to standing, and getting into all kinds of stuff. She can even walk along the length of the couch while holding onto it – I think she’ll be walking on her … 

About 6 years ago, I discovered the incredible power of adding irresistible videos to my marketing. I started out with simple, homemade videos. I focused on delivering a great message and being authentic while connecting with my viewers. I immediately got an encouraging response from my community. People would comment on my videos and seem really excited about the content …